Transport Policy

Transport Policy



To reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life and to help to reduce air pollution by promoting the reduction in independent travel and the increase in combined travel and the use of public transport.



  • To reduce wasted time and delays impinging on our daily work/study and home lives

  • To reduce fuel consumption sitting in traffic congestion, especially single occupancy vehicles, which can greatly increase air pollution. In turn this can contribute to climate change and local urban air quality and respiratory health

  • To promote more effective driving which will reduce the wear and tear on vehicles as a result of idling in traffic and frequent acceleration and braking

  • To reduce the number of stressed and frustrated road users from both the staff and student community which may impact the ability to disseminate and obtain knowledge through learning


Initiatives Undertaken

  • Use of APU’s buses for transport to and from student accommodation, the local LRT station and academic buildings.

  • Promotion of car-pooling or ride-sharing with fellow staff members or classmates as a way to share fuel and toll costs and to relieve stress and frustration by promoting conversation during the journey to/from APU.

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